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Measured characteristics

Device information

BenchMe free benchmark software provides the following information about a storage device:

  • device name,
  • revision,
  • serial number.

I/O Operations Per Second (IOPS) - the number of I/O operations that a storage device can handle per second. IOPS is one of the primary characteristics for storage devices. Block size and queue depth (QD) used in IOPS measurement are also provided. Queue depth is important for the disks supporting TCQ/NCQ and RAID array because the greater the depth of the queue, the more possibilities the disks have to improve performance by reordering queued requests.

BenchMe measures IOPS for a 512 bytes block and QD 1 and 32.

Device Access Time

Device Access Time - the time it takes a storage device to return first sector of the requested data. For a rotational hard drive, access time consists of seek time, rotational delay, and transfer time. Seek time, in turn, is subject to AAM setting.

BenchMe provides a disk access time chart where the following access time values in milliseconds (ms) are indicated with red lines:

  • minimum value,
  • maximum value,
  • average value,
  • a value that was most frequently encountered.

Read speeds

Linear read speed - storage device read speed for data blocks located on the device sequentially, in megabytes per second. BenchMe free benchmark software measures linear read speed by sequentially reading data blocks,using samples distributed evenly throughout the device. Linear read speed values in MB/s are displayed on the chart in real time. Current minimum and maximum linear read speed values are also provided.

Random read speed - speed when random blocks are requested. Rarely used, typically an IOPS value would be used instead.

Bytes per physical sector - indicates the size in bytes of a physical sector on the device.

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